“ARCJV have been impressed with Redimix’s commitment, technical support and level of customer service which has made for a successful, positive and enjoyable project experience to date. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Redimix for any project.” read more…

Trent Sutton
Project Manager – Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital Acute Services Building
Richard Crookes

ADCO Constructions
“…exceptional service, commitment and professionalism from the outset of our working relationship which continued right through to the completion of the project. Redimix demonstrated that it has the ability to provide the local industry with a product that can be thoroughly quality controlled and meet the strict supply demands of a large commercial building site.” read more…

Adam Clarke
Site manager – Bunnings Tamworth
ADCO Constructions Pty Ltd

Clarin Developments
“Their ability to accommodate all sizes of pours and timeliness in delivery / turnaround times, coupled with the high level of communication and cooperation from Plant Staff, Drivers and management make the experience in working with the Redimix organisation easy and makes them an important part in the success of our projects.” read more…

Luke Gerathy
Managing Director
Clarin Developements

“…we have no hesitation in recommending Redimix Concrete for their friendly and helpful professional services to anyone for any project.” read more…

Jaimie Craft

“The quality of the concrete was within the tight specification and was given very positive feedback from the client and a third party consultant on site.” read more…

Simon Flannery
Project Manager – Split Rock Dam Contract
John Holland

“I was impressed with your commitment to the project and your willingness to listen to feedback and adjust accordingly if required. I gained a great deal of confidence from our initial pre construction meetings and subsequent trial mix pours.” read more…

Chris Jones
Managing Director
QR Concrete Pty Ltd

“Over the entire course of the project, RCC were impressed with Redimix’s commitment,technical support and level of customer service which made for a successful, positive and enjoyable project experience.” read more…

Trent Sutton
Project Manager – New England and North West Regional Cancer Centre
Richard Crookes

“Our project required a large quantity of high specification concrete which had to be delivered within tight time constraints and very demanding and exacting tolerances, Redimix met all requirements at every level.” read more…

Charles Diamond
Alliance Manager – Westdale Alliance
United Group